List of Active For-Hire Transportation Services

Carrier NamePhoneCountyRide Share
Network Service
Referral Service
Transportation Referral
Service Provider
Taxi Service
(DBA) Yellow Cab Company of Columbus706-322-1616Muscogee   Yes 
1st Choice Taxi(912) 308-1178Chatham    Yes
2 Tone Cab Services Columbia    Yes
244TAXI INC.2292448294Lowndes Yes   
244TAXI INC.2292448294Lowndes    Yes
441 Cab, LLC478-452-8294Baldwin    Yes
5 Star Taxi Service9122241570Chatham    Yes
A America's Taxi Cab6782058294Fulton    Yes
A List ATL404-503-3356Fulton Yes   
A Magikal Taxi & Shuttle912-897-8294Chatham    Yes
A OK Taxi9122319447Chatham    Yes
A Superior Taxi Service9127779258Chatham    Yes
A Visions United Cab Company706-627-3473Augusta-Richmond    Yes
A-1 Cab Company, Inc.678-945-9003Cobb    Yes
A-1 INTERNATIONAL TAXI SERVICE INC.7702461000Gwinnett    Yes
A1 Taxi of Savannah9129259900Chatham    Yes
AAA Ace Couriers, Inc. DBA Checker Cab(912)236-1133Chatham   Yes 
AAADEX Taxi Service7705778488/7709432272Douglas    Yes
ABC Blue Bird Transportaions, INC404 494-6525Gwinnett  Yes  
A-CAB334-448-1222Augusta-Richmond    Yes
ACUARIO TAXI INC6783541113Cobb    Yes
Adam-Abba Taxi &Transportation912-927-7466Chatham  Yes  
advance taxi9127277727Effingham    Yes
AGUILA TAXI CAB, INC770-455-0028DeKalb    Yes
ALAN HERNANDEZ-CANELAS678-978-0000Gwinnett  YesYes 
Albany Veterans Taxi Cab Co229 438 7777Dougherty    Yes
ALIANZA TAXI SERVICES7706667777DeKalb  YesYes 
ALIANZA TAXI SERVICES7706667777DeKalb Yes   
ALIANZA TAXI SERVICES7706667777DeKalb    Yes
All Express Cabs Co. Fulton    Yes
Alpha Best Taxi404-292-9877DeKalb    Yes
Ambassador Taxi Company404-817-7072Fulton    Yes
America Taxi Cab770-452-2222DeKalb    Yes
American Cab Company404-873-1410Fulton    Yes
AMERICAN TAXI CAB7069937948Richmond    Yes
ANGEL TAXI6786102516Clayton  Yes  
Anthony's taxi478-922-0201Houston    Yes
Antony's Taxi7706962804Gwinnett    Yes
Armor Cab Company7065077433Muscogee  Yes  
Arrow Cab Company706 836 6848Richmond    Yes
Assurance Taxi404-874-7139Fulton    Yes
Athens transit LLC7065435646Clarke    Yes
Atlanta Royal Cabbies404 584-6655Fulton    Yes
Atlanta Taxi Service, Inc.404-351-8255Fulton   Yes 
Augusta Cab Company7067653566Richmond    Yes
Azteca Taxi Service7705640011Gwinnett    Yes
b+b taxi and shuttle llc.9127287727Chatham    Yes
Bay City Cab Company Chatham    Yes
Benkos Bioho470.891.6253Cobb    Yes
Best Rate Cab Service(478)804-0000Baldwin    Yes
Big Herb's Taxi & Shuttle478-330-2305Polk    Yes
BlackFoot Taxi678-334-8839Clayton    Yes
Breezy Riders9126659988Chatham    Yes
Brown Cab Company706-756-2122Troup    Yes
Buckhead Safety Cab Co404-875-3777Fulton  Yes Yes
Bull Dawg Taxi706-331-7701Floyd    Yes
Cab Daves Transportation706-825-2187Richmond    Yes
Cab Hop Taxi912-631-5683Chatham   Yes 
Cabrican Taxi, LLC706-238-2429Floyd   Yes 
CAMILOS6787690855Hall    Yes
Can Can Taxi9122724909Chatham    Yes
CANCUN TAXI INC7704581222DeKalb   Yes 
Cascade Cab Co4047585521Fulton    Yes
Catcha-Cab Taxi Service706-682-4442Muscogee    Yes
Celso Lopez Garcia Taxi404-587-4649Cherokee    Yes
Centreal Taxi9123521181Chatham    Yes
Chatham Cab9126914466Chatham    Yes
Checker Cab478-452-2221Baldwin    Yes
Checker Cab Company706-322-1616Muscogee   Yes 
Checker Cab Company of Valdosta, GA2292452505Lowndes    Yes
Checker Cab Company, Inc.404-351-8255Fulton    Yes
Checker/Yellow Cab Company, Inc(912)236-1166Chatham   Yes 
Chilitos Taxi706-341-4181Floyd    Yes
CINCO ESTRELLAS, LLC4046009906DeKalb    Yes
CITY CABS334-448-1222Muscogee    Yes
City-Wide Cab Company404 898-0554Fulton  Yes  
COLONIAL CAB912-754-4855Effingham    Yes
Columbus Goldstar Taxi706-562-8888Muscogee   Yes 
Courtesy Alert Taxi Burke    Yes
Crab Cab912--786-2722Chatham    Yes
Crown Cab Company404 898-0554Fulton  Yes  
CROWN TAXICAB404 898 0554Clayton    Yes
Cuba Taxi6785083596Henry    Yes
CueRide LLC8555307433Out-of-State Yes   
Curtis Cab of Augusta706-722-9925Richmond    Yes
Cyndi's Cab Company706-793-6968Richmond    Yes
DA CAB Richmond    Yes
Day & Night Cab Company404-767-7464Fulton    Yes
Decaturs Best Taxi Service404-289-1611DeKalb    Yes
Dekalb Doraville Taxi7704518676DeKalb    Yes
Dependable Taxi9125969127Chatham    Yes
Diamante Car Services678-401-4078Cobb    Yes
Discovery Taxi4049888477Gwinnett    Yes
DOMIMEX TAXI SVS LLC678-717-9278Gwinnett  Yes  
Don Chilo Taxi706-766-4032Floyd    Yes
DW Yellow Cab9126811143Bulloch    Yes
Eagle Cab Company7063333333Muscogee    Yes
Eagle Taxi6788094490Cobb   YesYes
East Side Taxi2294443248Chatham    Yes
ECCO PLUS TAXI4043438363Cobb    Yes
Economy Taxi Cab Service LLC678-924-7676Gwinnett    Yes
Ed-Newton Taxi, Inc.678-977-8796Newton    Yes
EL DORADO TAXI7702976666Hall Yes  Yes
EL PALMAR TAXI7705343878Hall    Yes
El Sol Hall    Yes
EL TAXI4045512099Fulton    Yes
Elite Cab Co7062218899Muscogee    Yes
Elite Taxi Chatham    Yes
Evas Taxi, LLC6785511165Clayton    Yes
Exclusive Taxi Service9123085753Chatham    Yes
Executive Limousine Transportation, Inc.404-223-2000Fulton YesYesYes 
EZ Taxi LLC7703097301DeKalb    Yes
EZVOY404-550-0927Fulton  Yes  
FALCONS CAB CO7705036539Hall    Yes
FarITaxI Service9122200258Chatham    Yes
FIESTA CAB6784107500Hall    Yes
First Class Taxi of Georgia4049552221Fulton    Yes
Five Star Taxi4047665500Fulton    Yes
Flexx8884579992Fulton Yes   
FLORE'S TAXI478-223-3072Hall    Yes
FLOYD TAXI706-291-0887Floyd    Yes
Fort Stewart Cab Service9124321740Long    Yes
Gaviota Taxi Service6789979343Hall    Yes
Gaviotas Taxi678-517-0795Hall    Yes
GedTaxi LLC.678 886 9346Fulton    Yes
Georgia Taxi7069801616Whitfield    Yes
Georgia Taxi770-743-7211Hall  YesYesYes
Georgia Taxi Service Of Rome, LLC706-5841707Floyd    Yes
Goin Your Way Taxi LLC9128447000Chatham    Yes
Going a2b LLC4049814442DeKalb Yes   
Gold Star Taxi7705145105Cobb   Yes 
Good Prices770-418-0774Gwinnett    Yes
Green Cab6783550650Cobb    Yes
GUERREROS TRANSPORT, INC.7064834295Whitfield   YesYes
HABERSHAM TAXI706-768-6331Habersham    Yes
Happy Limousine, LLC.404-789-0659Gwinnett   Yes 
Happy Taxi Service, LLC.678-491-6437Fulton    Yes
HI TAXI LLC770-568-5200Gwinnett  Yes  
Hinesville Cab Service9124248848Long    Yes
Hispanicos Taxi Cab Services, DBA: HB Services770-457-7777DeKalb Yes   
Hispanicos Taxi Cab Services, DBA: HB Services770-457-7777DeKalb    Yes
Hispano American Taxi770-220-2424DeKalb    Yes
Hispanos Taxi Cab Inc770-458-6600DeKalb   Yes 
historic city cab9127287727Effingham    Yes
Hope Executive Transportation4045427568Newton   Yes 
HOT SHOT TAXI CAB SERVICES9123088646Chatham    Yes
ISJ Taxi Service912-232-8497Chatham    Yes
Island's Taxi912-786-8688Chatham    Yes
Joy Taxi Cab4049429696Forsyth    Yes
JR'S TAXI, LLC678-265-8790Cobb   Yes 
Kiss Taxi Service7703740713Hall    Yes
La Ley de la vida6784100661Hall   Yes 
La Mexicana Taxi, LLC770-557-4102DeKalb  Yes  
LA NUEVA TIJUANA6787698890Hall    Yes
la union taxi6785859779Fulton   Yes 
Latino Mix Taxicab Co4048479778Fulton    Yes
Lawal Express Cab Services770-369-5470DeKalb    Yes
legends taxi cab co770-426-5100Cobb    Yes
LET'S GO TAXI CAB, LLC770-731-5097Gwinnett  Yes  
Liberty Cab7702858198Hall    Yes
Liberty Cab Company7063333333Muscogee    Yes
Limo Lime LLC4047408094Gwinnett   Yes 
Los Mexicanos Taxi Service7703818881Gwinnett    Yes
LOS POTROS TAXI7705349222Hall    Yes
Los Recuerdos Taxi Gwinnett    Yes
LUXURY TAXI CAB LLC4045512228DeKalb    Yes
Lyft, Inc Fulton Yes   
M & L Cab Service, LLC9128775151Liberty    Yes
Maddox West Side Cab770-267-0447Walton    Yes
Martinez Xpress678-789-6041Rockdale   Yes 
McTransportation & Taxi Service9127869191Chatham    Yes
METRO CAB912 554 2000Glynn    Yes
METRO SYSTEMS LLC7065819561Whitfield    Yes
milagro's taxi llc4046459976Gwinnett    Yes
MIMBS TAXI LLC706-647-5411Upson    Yes
Mom's Taxi Service, LLC9123580186Chatham    Yes
monarcas taxi6786089705Fulton    Yes
Moon River Taxi9122479514Effingham    Yes
MORELIA TAXI7705523390Fulton    Yes
MORELIA TAXI7705523390Fulton   Yes 
Moultrie Taxi229-891-5787Colquitt    Yes
MP Celebrity Taxi Service LLC9129272872Chatham    Yes
Mrs. B's Taxi Service(912) 238-1260Chatham    Yes
Mrs. T Dynasty Taxi9122397477Chatham    Yes
NAHLA LLC/DBA DOLLAR TAXI404-315-6000DeKalb   YesYes
Nathan's Taxi Services706-506-2564Floyd    Yes
National Cab Company4047526834Fulton    Yes
New Cypress Taxy(678)401-2504Cobb    Yes
Nooga Taxi423-458-2701Appling    Yes
Ok Taxi Llc.7704018668DeKalb Yes Yes 
Olympus Worldwide404-524-8000Fulton YesYesYes 
Omega Taxi Company404-249-9830Fulton    Yes
ONETAXI LLC6789240000Gwinnett    Yes
P Taxi Cab Augusta-Richmond    Yes
Paisanos Taxi Cab, Inc770-414-1456Gwinnett    Yes
Patriot Cab Company334-448-1222Muscogee    Yes
Peach Cab Company404-881-1715Fulton    Yes
Peach Taxi Pass4045805985DeKalb    Yes
Polite Taxi Service912-341-3701Chatham    Yes
Pony #1 Taxi Service, LLC7706851061DeKalb    Yes
Pooler Taxi LLC912-988-7644Effingham    Yes
Quisqueya Taxi770-629-8383Clayton    Yes
R & S Cab478-452-0150Baldwin    Yes
radio-coop cab columbus-lagrange706- 322-0700Muscogee  YesYes 
RAMIREZ TAXI7069345912Whitfield    Yes
Ranger Cab Company7066851000Lee    Yes
RAPID TAXI COMPANY404-688-8454Fulton  Yes Yes
Rayo Taxi Inc7702260002Cobb    Yes
Recon Taxi Company, LLC706 221-7676Muscogee    Yes
Reliability Taxi LLC404-454-6947Fulton    Yes
Robert's Taxi Service678 7515694Hall    Yes
ROME TAXI706-766-4532Floyd    Yes
Ruby J Taxi912-236-1165Chatham   Yes 
Safety Cab Taxi Service4789723344Bibb    Yes
San Antonio Taxi Services706-853-8927Floyd    Yes
Savannah Taxi9122085054Chatham    Yes
Savannah Yellow Cab9122085054Chatham    Yes
savannah/hiltonhead airport taxi9127287727Effingham    Yes
SEVEN HILLS TRANSPORT & TAXI706-766-4622Floyd    Yes
Shamrock Cab LLC912-921-3180Chatham    Yes
Signature Taxi9127773762Chatham   Yes 
Sky Taxi Service7706880354Fulton    Yes
Solano's Taxi7705409893Hall  YesYes 
SOLITARIOS TAXI6789232289Hall    Yes
Southside Taxi Spalding    Yes
Speedy Cab Transport, LLC706-877-1119Richmond    Yes
Star Org. Inc./Star Cab Company(404) 758-6616Fulton    Yes
Sunshine Cab LLC9129644400Chatham    Yes
Su-Taxi Cab Inc.4042556333Fulton    Yes
Tampico Taxi Services7706434783Fulton    Yes
TANGO TAXI SERVICE LLC770-455-6660DeKalb    Yes
Taxi 247069087328Gwinnett    Yes
Taxi Coatan7069362161Floyd    Yes
Taxi Del Pueblo4047280305DeKalb    Yes
TAXI EL SALVADOR7705469365Hall   Yes 
TAXI EL SOL4045536137Hall    Yes
TAXI FAMILIAR SVS404-944-9920Gwinnett  Yes  
Taxi Lideres6784589090DeKalb  YesYes 
TAXI MAR7062291919Whitfield    Yes
TAXI MICHOACAN7064834069Whitfield    Yes
Taxi Rio Verde7062787169Whitfield   YesYes
Taxi Service of Savannah912-675-7804Chatham   Yes 
Taxi Silao770-912-8107Hall    Yes
Taxi SLP7062641503Murray    Yes
TAXI URBANO Whitfield    Yes
Taxi Uruapan4043102931Gwinnett    Yes
Taxi World Inc.912-272-4088Chatham    Yes
TAXI'S EL MOJADO7064633556Whitfield    Yes
TAXY DEL MONTE7062183397Whitfield    Yes
The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee706-467-7040Greene   Yes 
Tipsy Transit2292341448Lowndes Yes   
Top Notch Taxi Service,LLC770-949-5914Douglas    Yes
Touba taxi cab express LLC7704559353DeKalb  Yes  
TPU TECHNOLOGIES INC4049882168Henry Yes   
Tres Hermanos LLC678-924-7676Gwinnett    Yes
Tricee Taxi6785485961Rockdale    Yes
Turbo Taxi706-280-3938Whitfield    Yes
Tybee Turtle Tranist3618878537Chatham    Yes
U.S. Taxicab Company, Inc.4045891300Fulton  Yes  
Uber Fulton Yes   
Union Taxi4043195053Cobb    Yes
United Paulding Taxi770-445-1989Paulding    Yes
Universal Taxi LLC770-794-8400Cobb    Yes
Vetz Taxi678-790-3328Cobb   Yes 
Victory Cab Company770-428-2626Cobb   Yes 
Vino's Taxi, LLC770-389-7332Henry  Yes Yes
Warrior Cab Company7063333333Muscogee    Yes
WeGo! Rideshare Service LLC9124324140Liberty Yes   
WHITE TOP CAB4789236414Houston    Yes
Wilson Taxi404-874-7139Fulton    Yes
WIngz415-969-6931Fulton Yes   
Xpress Taxi LLC770-714-0604Bartow    Yes
Yellow Cab of Augusta LLC7067333444Richmond    Yes
Yellow Cab of Chatham County(912)236-1133Chatham   Yes 
Yellow Cab of GA404-688-8454Fulton  Yes Yes
Yellow cab of Hinesville9128766191Liberty    Yes
Yellow Cab of Macon, Inc(478)742-6464Bibb    Yes
YELLOW CAB OF SAVANNAH9122085054Chatham YesYes  
Yes Taxi,LLC4043500200DeKalb   Yes